Panasonic ES8228S Men’s Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System Review

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Average Customer Rating: ★★★★½ 

Panasonic ES8228S Electric ShaverIf you’re tired of having to use razors during your morning shave routine and are looking for a change, then perhaps you might want to give the Panasonic ES8228S Men’s Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System a chance at providing you with a completely different and more enjoyable shaving experience.

Benefits of Panasonic ES8228S electric shaver

Arc Foil System

The Panasonic ES8228S is equipped with an arc foil system that provides a close shave, much like you would expect if you used a rotary blade head shaver, which is great.  The pivoting head is able to reach every contour of your face so no whiskers will be left behind.

Great for dry and irritated skin

If you’re worried about your skin feeling dry and irritated after you use this shaver, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. The 13,000 strokes per minute motor is very powerful and provides a very close, clean shave with no resulting skin irritation.

Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES8228S Electric ShaverAnother great benefit of the Panasonic ES8228S Men’s Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System is that it is rechargeable, which means you don’t always have to rely on having a constant power source that you can plug your shaver into.  Not only is this more convenient for you, but it also is more environmentally friendly.

Digital Display to indicate when battery needs charging

The powerful battery lithium-ion battery can last almost two weeks on a full charge, which can really be handy if you’re going to be traveling and don’t want to worry about bringing the charging stand along. The Panasonic ES8228S also comes with a LCD digital display that lets you know when the batter needs to be charged.  This can help prevent the experience of going to shave only to find that the battery is dead.

Convenience of ES8228S Vortex Wet Dry Shaver

If you enjoy shaving in the shower or simply like to use a little shaving cream in order to keep your skin as moisturized as possible, then you’re in luck because the ES8228S is a wet/dry shaver which means you can get it wet and not cause any permanent damage.

Available in retail stores as well as online stores

Until now Panasonic had only been offering it’s shavers for sale in specialty stores, which made purchasing them more difficult for many consumers.  Recently, however, Panasonic has made the decision to offer their high quality shavers in other major retailers.

Provides comfortable and close shave

When it comes to getting the closest, most comfortable shave possible, the Panasonic ES8228S is where it’s at.  Don’t settle for using irritating and time consuming razors when you can complete your shaving task in a matter of seconds with this great shaver.

Save up to 50% on Panasonic ES8228S Men’s Nano Arc Foil Shaving System at

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